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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trinere - No Matter What The Weather (1990/1991)

Miami-based Trinere Veronica Farrington has been called the Queen Of Freestyle, and with good reason. In the 1980s she had a very long string of hit freestyle singles, including "I'll Be All You Ever Need", "All Night" and "How Can We Be Wrong". In 1984 she met producer Tony Butler aka Pretty Tony, from the aptly named group Freestyle, and together they created her first self-titled album released in 1986 on indie label Jam Packed. (She later married him). The singles kept her busy for the next few years until her next album, Forever Yours, was released in 1990 on Pandisc. The album included some of the songs from her first album plus some new, more new jack swing laced songs, like the awesome first single"I Wanted You". It caught the attention of Luther Campbell, of controversial Miami hip hop group 2 Live Crew, who was running his own label Luke Records, which was distributed by Atlantic. He signed Trinere and rereleased the album under the title Games the following year. The freestyle songs were mostly removed and the album became very R&B sounding, with some new tracks including the title single. "No Matter What The Weather" appeared on both albums. Her new direction failed to hit, however, and Trinere was dropped from the label. In 1992 she released one last album on Pandisc entitled Trinere's In The House and returned to the freestyle sound, but unfortunately it's popularity was waning. Since then she has released some 'best of' compilations and toured the freestyle circuit. I have always loved "No Matter What The Weather", which is more R&B than freestyle but still fun. For some reason I really dig the off-key backing vocals. LOL Enjoy!

Download No Matter What The Weather

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